Accounts and Allocations


Employees and students with or login credentials. External collaborators sponsored by a faculty member.

How to get an account

Please use this form to request accounts and allocations requests. The form should be filled by a faculty member and list users in their group, such as students or external collaborators. External collaborators need a POI (a type of affiliate appointment) with VPN access first.

The form will ask for the CU Denver email addresses for all accounts to be created, and

  • a brief description of the project (few words, one line is OK),
  • funding source, if any,
  • affirmation of the Terms of Use, which include an acknowledgement of the NSF grant 2019089 in all publications and presentations, and send us at least a citation. The publication itself is always appreciated.

This is needed for reporting to the funding agency (annual reports, quad charts, PI meetings, etc.)

Temporary accounts can be set up for training workshops.

Resources and Allocations

To encourage early use, the folowing is in effect for an initial period - we want you to work here! A more formal allocation process will start when needed.


Users are responsible for maintaining copies of all their important files elsewhere. Files can be lost even with backups.

  • Home directories – Home directories are /home/username. The /home filesystems are limited size, please keep the home directories small, up to 25GB. Backed up occasionally. Home directories over 25GB are not backed up.
  • Project storage - Not backed up. Project directories are in /storage/department/projects/username. We can make project directories which can be shared between a group of users. Please keep project directories to 25OGB.
  • Scratch - no limit, not backed up. Please make your own subdirectories in /scratch (accessible from Alderaan nodes only). In future, files will be deleted automatically when the filesystem fills up.

Use the command du -sh in a directory to see how much storage space you are using, and df to monitor the overall storage space. Home directories and most project directories are on a storage system which is using space very efficiently, so the space used can be much less than the actual size of your files as reported by ls -l.

Running Jobs

  • Users are set up with initial 500 Alderaan concurrent cores limit. More is possible upon request.
  • Run time of Alderaan jobs is maximum 7 days. This is a hard limit. Job run time on other clusters (Colibri, Score) is unlimited.

Old Files

Upon project or user inactivation, the files will be deleted after a notification (if the user's university email still works) and a grace period.